Public Dunmore Genealogy

Public Dunmore Genealogy
This family tree was last updated on 16 November 2011.
Total surnames149
Media objects80
Total events1,449
Total users2
Earliest birth year1669John Dunmo(o)re
Baptism 21 February 1668 (Age ) - Rothwell, Northants
Latest birth year1940Joan Harrison Graham
Birth 11 July 1940 31 33 - Hexham, Northumberland
Earliest death year1695John Deacon
Death 1695 - ?Draughton
Latest death year2004 Marjorie Ann Barber
Birth 6 March 1904 42 43 - Sibbertoft, Northants
Death 26 June 2004 (Age 100) - Moira LEI: Oakleigh Residential Home
Individual who lived the longest108Cecil E Roberts
Birth 1886 -
Death 1994 (Age 108) -
Average age at death61Males: 63   Females: 58
Family with the most children15Walter Mason Brown + Amy Norris
Average number of children per family2.63 
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Most common surnames

'Westhorpe House' Sibbertoft 2003 - 'Ivy Cottage' modernised & enlarged Thomas Henry Barber
Birth: 15 March 1861 42 35Arnesby, Leicestershire
Death: 27 June 1930Sibbertoft
Grandmother Barritt, d.1897 Sarah Beeby
Birth: 1812 24Twywell, Northants
Death: 1897Walgrave
Cecily Jane, from 1918 Dunmore group Cecily Jane Deacon
Birth: 29 February 1864 26 29Walgrave Northants
Death: 24 March 1947Naseby Northants
Walgrave Baptist Chapel 1786, interior Moses Deacon
Birth: 1701Walgrave
Death: 28 February 1773Walgrave
Richard Dunmore
Birth: 27 October 1759 33 31Hannington NTH
Death: 29 December 1842Walgrave NTH
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On this day
Martha Ann DeaconDeacon,Martha Ann29 June 18340183183Birth
Upcoming events
Selina DunmoreDunmore,Selina30 June 18670150150Baptism
Albert Edward BarberBarber,Albert EdwardJuly 19011116116Birth
Catherine AndrewAndrew,CatherineJuly 17032314314Birth
Elizabeth DunmoreDunmore,Elizabeth1 July 18383179179Baptism
Mary DunmoreDunmore,Mary1 July 18324185185Baptism
Catherine AndrewAndrew,Catherine1 July 17825235235Burial
Charles DeaconDeacon,Charles1 July 17166301301Baptism
Samuel DeaconDeacon,Samuel2 July 18607157157Baptism
John DeaconDeacon,John2 July 18608157157Baptism
George DunmoreDunmore,George2 July 18439174174Baptism
Ann DunmoreDunmore,Ann3 July 183110186186Baptism
Thomas DunmoreDunmore,Thomas3 July 181511202202Baptism
Sophia DunmoreDunmore,Sophia3 July 180312214214Baptism
Mary PontonPonton,Mary3 July 176413253253Burial
Edward Richardson + Ann RichardsonRichardson,Edward + Richardson,Ann3 July 180314214214Marriage
Eliza DeaconDeacon,Eliza4 July 186415153153Burial
Sarah GrantGrant,Sarah4 July 181316204204Baptism
Walter DunmoreDunmore,Walter4 July 180217215215Baptism
Joseph KnightKnight,Joseph4 July 175818259259Baptism
Annie Maria BDeaconDeacon,Annie Maria B5 July 185819159159Baptism
William WaldenWalden,William5 July 175220265265Baptism
Samuel DeaconDeacon,Samuel5 July 171121306306Baptism
Walter William Dunmore + Mary Ellen GoodmanDunmore,Walter William + Goodman,Mary Ellen5 July 188022137137Marriage
Marjorie Ann BarberBarber,Marjorie Ann6 July 2004231313Burial
Beatrice Alice GertrudeDeaconDeacon,Beatrice Alice Gertrude6 July 187924138138Baptism
Sarah DunmoreDunmore,Sarah6 July 183425183183Baptism
Thomas BarrittBarritt,Thomas6 July 180626211211Baptism
William GrantGrant,William6 July 178727230230Baptism
William KnightKnight,William6 July 175828259259Baptism
Mary KnightKnight,Mary6 July 175629261261Baptism
George DeaconDeacon,George6 July 170730310310Baptism
Public Dunmore Genealogy
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